Eliana Leopold


Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m a local mum with two young rambunctious boys, a gorgeous fur-baby plus an array of diverse wildlife in care any day of the week. I work full-time in financial services and am Chair of WIRES East Branch. 

What’s the best thing you enjoy about living on the East?
For me the best thing about living on the East is our community. I love connecting with people whether that be through my local school, via WIRES rescue work, through Voices of Wentworth, dog walkers, local businesses and, neighbours to name a few. I also love the abundance of beaches and parks - the East has incredible natural beauty.

What made you join Voices of Wentworth?
I joined Voices of Wentworth having realised that to make change happen you have to front into it and drive it. I think Voices of Wentworth provides a great platform to get people talking about the big issues and opportunities facing Australia and the impact of the decisions we make now for future generations. I’m not ok the state of politics right now - Voices of Wentworth is one way that I feel I can make a difference.

In your own words what does democracy mean to you?
For a long time, I’ve relied on democracy being something I observe happen through the parties we elect on our behalf. It’s so abundantly clear that democracy is so much more than that. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to speak up about what matters to me, my family, my friends and, my community. Democracy is something we all need to own.