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Candidate Watch: The Senate - Barry Du Bois

Voices of Wentworth will be keeping an eye on all candidates as they declare their candidacy. We are taking a look at local resident, Barry Du Bois, who will be running for the Senate.

Who? Baz Du Bois is a master builder and TV personality (The Living Room). Baz is a cancer survivor - an experience he says woke him up to the need to intervene in politics.

House of Representatives or Senate? Baz will be running as a candidate for the federal Senate (Upper House) for one of the 12 available Senate seats representing NSW in the Senate. The Senate has the important role of reviewing legislation. Currently, NSW is represented in the Senate by the Australian Labor Party, the Liberal National Coalition and the Greens. To be clear, he will NOT be standing as an Independent candidate for the House of Representatives (Lower House) seat of Wentworth or any other electorate. Party or Independent? Baz will run independently of the major parties. Baz is seeking the support of at least 1500 Australian voters to join “Team Baz” to enable him to register a political party with the AEC which would allow him to appear “above the line” on the Senate ballot paper. Position on Issues? Baz says that he will take submissions from NSW voters on every piece of law that comes before him in the Senate before he votes on it.

Baz has published his “7 Pillars” approach:

  • Sustainability

  • Commerce

  • Culture

  • Education

  • Health

  • Cohesion

  • Transparency

He says he is committed to:

  1. Livestream, broadcast or publish transcripts from all meetings with special interest groups

  2. Post all Bills, Laws and legislation handed to the Senate for review to his website for voters to review and make submissions

  3. Commit to “radical transparency”

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