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Sophie Pollitt


Tell us a bit about yourself:
A formerly disengaged voter who is mending her wicked ways. I've been in the heady world of small business for more than 15 years as a pusher of slow fashion on the design and communication side. I find great inspiration and hope in the B Corp movement that looks at business as a force of good. And one of my greatest pleasures is being whipped in Monopoly by my son.

What’s the best thing you enjoy about living on the East?
As a lover of rocks, there is an endless supply of coastal sandstone cliffs and walks to make my heart sing. Plus, the creative talents who keep our community thriving.

What made you join Voices of Wentworth?
I was introduced to Kath by a friend and as soon as her words started flowing on why Voices of Wentworth exists - it made beautiful sense and I was like - sign me up!

In your own words what does democracy mean to you?

In a hopeful word, freedom. However, as I move through more of this life, I have learnt that unless we speak up, this freedom can be thwarted....history is our teacher. Democracy is an opportunity for us all to engage. And engage we must.

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