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Volunteer with Voices of Wentworth


Voices of Wentworth is a community group built by the passion of volunteers. We would love you to play with us!

As you can imagine, our to-do list is a long one. If you have a specific skill or are interested in getting amongst it in any which way - there is work to be done and we welcome you with open arms! Please fill out the form below.


Some of the areas we are seeking support include:

  • Copy writing

  • Democracy Walks coordinator

  • Event coordinators

  • Graphic Design

  • Content creating

  • Letterbox drops

  • Public/media relations

  • Photography/video

  • Database management

  • IT support

  • Social Media management

  • Host a KTC

  • Letter writing

  • Podcasting

  • Accounting

  • Data/research analyst

Interested? Pop in your details and we will get back to you!

Thank you - we will get back to you soon!

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