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Voices of Wentworth evolved from too many conversations ending with - why aren't they listening to us?

From non-action on climate change, concern about the lack of integrity in Australian politics, the slow

roll-out of the Covid vaccine, equality for women and Indigenous Australians - conversations are happening among us - but why aren't our Federal reps hearing us? Do they even care?


It's getting frustrating.

So a group of locals have come together with the idea that if more of us engage in these conversations, creating a collective voice and then feeding these concerns back to our Federal Reps - they will have no choice but listen and then to act. 

Hello Voices of Wentworth. We would love you to join us.

It's about people not parties. We are a non-partisan community organisation run by volunteers. We have no affiliation with any political party. We aim to promote democracy, accountability and transparency in the political process.

And we do this by Informing, Listening and Advocating.


Our Town Hall events with subject matter experts create opportunities for you to ask questions and understand complex issues. We want to hear what you care about so we host events like Voices in the Pub and Democracy Walks as well as designing a Survey to collate specific information - we then deliver these concerns to our Representatives. And where there is a clear disconnect between what the majority in the electorate want, and what we are getting in terms of policy, we advocate for change.

From following our socials and sharing with your friends, to attending a Town Hall event, to filling out our survey or joining us on our Democracy Walks - there are many ways to get involved.

Your voice counts. Be part of democracy in action!

Why We Exist ?
Voices of Wentworth Alexia Spalding.png

Alexia Spalding

Voices of Wentworth Jenny Lovric.png

Jenny Lovric


Join us and be part of democracy in action!

Thank you!

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