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Writing on a Notebook

Did you know that each letter that is written must be responded to by our MP? Writing a letter to our MP is a pro-active way to communicate your concerns directly.

​Big thank you to Inner Sydney Voice for this step-by-step on how to write to our MP.

  • Introduce yourself as a concerned member of the public or as a representative of your service

  • Clearly state the purpose of your For example: ‘I am writing to urge your support for/opposition to…’ OR ‘I am writing to ask you to support/ oppose …’

  • Focus on one issue

  • Explain your concerns and how they impact the wider community and you as a voter. Support your personal views and experiences with facts. Don’t allow your letter to become longwinded. Stay focused and stick to your main points.

  • Sample letters, postcard campaigns and emails are usually considered to be less effective than a handwritten or printed and signed Personalise sample letters to portray your own views and experience, and always use your own words.

  • Ask for a response to your letter

  • Let the MP know if you have met, voted for or assisted with their election campaign

  • Never be rude, condescending or Always be polite and courteous.

  • Don’t forget to include your name, address, contact telephone number and email address

  • Encourage others who feel strongly about the issue to write to their local MP as well

  • Encourage local MPs who support your position with thank you letter

  • Write to the appropriate MP and not all of them

  • Address your letter using the MP’s correct name and title


Letters to Senators, unless otherwise stated, should be addressed to:

The Honourable (full formal name) OR Senator OR Mr, Ms, Dr (full formal name)
The Department of the Senate
Parliament House
PO Box 6100

Dear Mr, Ms, Dr (last name only)


Unless otherwise stated, letters to NSW State Parliament Members, should be addressed to:

The Honourable (full formal name) OR Mr, Ms, Dr (full formal name)
Level 33 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer  Place

Dear Mr, Ms, Dr (last name only)


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