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Voices of Wentworth Delia Burrage

Delia Burrage


Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m a mum, a lawyer and a passionate believer in the power of communities to make a better world.

What’s the best thing you enjoy about living on the East?
The people. Yes, it’s a privilege to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, but it’s the kindness, humour and engagement of my community that inspires me.

What made you join Voices of Wentworth?
Witnessing the disconnect between the issues that local people care about and the actions of government, particularly in relation to climate and economics. I want my kids to have a future and VoW is one way I can make a meaningful contribution.

In your own words what does democracy mean to you?
Democracy is a system of government by the whole population. It’s so much more than voting every 3 years. It’s being aware of what is going on, seeking out information from experts and letting your elected representative know how a decision will impact you and what you want them to do. Democracy is an ongoing process of finding your voice and holding your representative to account so they act for you, the people.

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