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Australia's Climate Inaction with Sarah Wilson and Marianne Wilkinson

Is this the most important conversation of 2020? (Strong Language Warning) Catch up on our insightful and inspiring discussion with local authors Marian Wilkinson and Sarah Wilson on their new books "The Carbon Club" and "This One Wild and Precious Life". Filmed at Bondi's Corner House and presented by Dan Ilic (Best Australian Comedy Podcast "A Rational Fear") this video asks important questions about how we can encourage our elected officials in Canberra to get moving on climate action. We look at the importance of understanding the history of climate inaction in Australia and the US, how to talk constructively now about the need for climate action, who we need to communicate with, getting behind business, industry and financial institutions which are already acting whilst simultaneously shifting the hearts and minds of everyday Australians. We discuss the concept of "acedia" and how we can spark action and jump out of the freeze mode which has affected so many of us trying to reconcile the enormity of the climate challenge with our own anxieties and fears. We conclude that to move forwards together, we must now collectively spring into action to find and choose the more charming path towards a safe, prosperous and exciting future.

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