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Changes to the committee of Voices of Wentworth

While the election has yet to be called, it appears that campaigning has already begun and we’re seeing candidate t-shirts all around the electorate. It’s great to see so many people engaged in their democracy and caring about the outcomes of the next election.

Two of our Voices of Wentworth committee members, Kath Naish and Eliana Leopold, have decided to move over to supporting independent candidate Allegra Spender’s campaign and, accordingly, to retire from the VoW committee.

Existing committee members Delia Burrage, Sophie Pollitt, Jenny Lovric and Alexia Spalding will continue on the VoW committee.

Kath and Eliana are two of the founding members of Voices of Wentworth and have been on the committee since 2020. They have done an amazing job over the last two years, organising and moderating a range of important Town Halls and interviews, contributing to strategy and managing social media and volunteers. Their tireless work, passion and insight have enabled VoW to reach a growing number of voters, and to deliver on our mission of promoting democracy, accountability and transparency in the political process. Our thanks and appreciation to Kath and Eliana knows no bounds - what incredible beings they are.

Voices of Wentworth’s activities are followed by a broad range of people across the political spectrum. The aim of Voices of Wentworth is to create an inclusive, non-partisan space where productive conversations can be safely held and ideas explored, regardless of political viewpoints or allegiances.

A space where people in the community can come together, discuss issues, learn from each other and subject matter experts, and respectfully agree or disagree. It is a new model of representative democracy that we believe supports the best outcomes for Australians.

In the next few weeks, we will be publishing our Wentworth Cares report, finding out which candidates support the issues that matter to you and inviting all candidates for the seat of Wentworth to participate in a live forum.

We are excited to continue to listen, inform and advocate for the issues you care about.

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