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Disinformation Workshop: Free Community Event

Disinformation is a threat to the health of our democracy. Social media and AI amplify the spread of lies, untruths and fake news - leaving many of us feeling ill-equipped to do anything about it.

How can you spot disinformation? How should you respond to it?

Voices of Wentworth is hosting a practical workshop for you and our community to learn skills and techniques to counter disinformation.

Ed Coper, Communication Strategist and author of “Facts and Other Lies”, will give us insights on how “we” (the global community) have landed in the Disinformation Age and will outline what works and what does not work in stopping the spread.

We will then put these learnings into action through an interactive session facilitated by “edutainer” Lee Constable - science communicator, television presenter and author. 

Community is key in counteracting this threat to our democracy.

Join us to learn how. Grab your free tickets here.

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