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Great Watch: Community Town Hall on our Energy Market

“Price Spikes and Shortages - What’s happened to the energy market and what will fix it?”

The question of energy has got us all concerned. We wanted to find out more so we held a Community Town Hall with a wonderful panel who set the record straight.

Big thank you to our expert panel:

⚡️Alia Armistead, Climate + Energy Researcher, The Australia Institute

💡Tim Buckley, Director of Climate Energy Finance

🌞Allegra Spender MP, Wentworth

Topics covered:

📈 clarifying how the National Energy Market works

❓why energy prices spiking

😐 how this is impacting people

🏛 what can be done by the federal government in the short and long term

💲 how individuals and small businesses can address the costs or risks

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