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How does the Budget stack up to what Wentworth cares about?

In our Wentworth Cares Report, we identified the top issues that people in Wentworth care about. Here’s some ways the Budget impacts those areas of concern - we've included a reference from different media.

Climate & Energy

The Climate Council says - a “vast improvement” on previous budgets, with $25bn on climate change and emissions. But there’s still much to do, eg fossil fuel companies will continue to be subsidised; carbon capture and storage still being funded.

Integrity & Corruption

$262.6 million over four years for the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

Cost of living & Wealth Inequality

Some relief, but not “significant” - families will get help with child care, paid parental leave, some help for home buyers & 20k ‘social housing’ homes to be built, but there’s little for public housing or renters. No energy price relief in the short term; no change to stage 3 tax cuts, no increase to JobSeeker, low and middle income tax offset will not be extended.

Environment & Water

  • $1.2bn over 10 yrs for programs to support the Great Barrier Reef.

  • A new $224.5 million program called Saving Native Species (experts say its not enough).

  • $30m to reform fed environment laws

  • $51.9m over 5 yrs for the Murray Darling Basin Authority.

  • Hells Gate dam has been defunded.

Health & Aged Care

“The budget foreshadows additional annual health and aged care spending of more than A$2.3 billion”, including nurses for aged care, price of medicines to drop. No additional funding for state public hospitals.

Indigenous People's Rights

“Hundreds of millions of dollars will flow towards First Nations health, housing, justice, and an Indigenous Voice in the federal budget”, eg $75m for Voice referendum preparation and $5m for truth-telling commission.

Media The @ABCAustralia will receive an additional $83.7m over 4 years to restore funding it lost under the previous government. @SBS has its funding term extended, but gets no new cash.

Education & Research

Schools will get $20k ea to spend on mental health; 180k new fee-free vocational training places over 12 mnths; 20k university places for disadvantaged students over 2 years in some courses (eg nursing). Research funding generally stable.

Democracy & Decision-making

The budget sends the message that the public service will be re-empowered to be a ‘trusted advisor to the government’, which is welcomed. Some departments get a budget boost, most get cuts to travel, advertising and legal


The budget increases funding to the Human Rights Commission, but has no increase in humanitarian visas or social support for asylum seekers. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is “deeply disappointed”

Women & Gender Equality

The Women’s Budget Statement sets a specific goal of gender equality. To achieve this: $1.7B over 6 years to “end violence against women and children”; expanded paid parental leave; cheaper childcare; houses for women fleeing DV; 10k houses for frontline workers such as nurses.

Economy & Jobs

Budget aims to:

  • avoid increasing inflation by keeping spending stable

  • address job vacancies by increasing immigration

Upshot? Expect slower growth, lower deficit, higher inflation, increasing unemployment (from level low levels), lower real wages


The budget did not splash cash on the arts and stuck to pre-election promises. Nothing to see here

Defence & Security

The budget increases defence spending by 8%, with increased aid to Ukraine and Pacific nations

Link to the Budget paper

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