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Media Concentration: A Threat to Democracy?

We hear from our expert panel on some of the power imbalances arising from high levels of media concentration in Australia and how that power is used by the biggest media players. For example, we discussed the use of influence to assert specific agendas in relation to climate change as well as other threats to healthy democratic debate. We also discussed the need for greater support for objective and factual news reporting and looked at potential ways to address media concentration such as more transparency around media ownership, an independent media authority and continuing to increase competition within the media market. We also heard that better policy outcomes to address media concentration and other issues may be achieved through increasing the numbers of smart, well-meaning independents in the balance of power positions in parliament because such representatives are likely to be less beholden to and less fearful of media backlash to sensible policy proposals. With TV and Radio host James Mathison, Guardian Australia Editor Lenore Taylor, AAP Newswire CEO Emma Cowdroy and Associate Professor, University of Sydney Benedetta Brevini.

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