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Town Hall Event | Integrity in Politics: What's the Big Deal?

Before the 2019 federal election, the Morrison government promised the Australian people that it would create a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). More than 1000 days later, this election promise has not been fulfilled. The government has not even allocated any funds for it in the federal budget.

Without a body such as ICAC what checks and balances are in place to make sure the institutions that govern us are acting for the good of the people?

Many improvements are needed within our political systems to regain public trust in our national leaders. Moreover, integrity in politics is arguably central to achieving sensible policy on a range of issues such as climate action, women’s safety, national security, environmental protection and economic reform.

Dive into our robust discussion about Integrity in Politics with our panel "Big Deal" Director Craig Reucassel, Chair of the Centre for Public Integrity His Honour Anthony Whealy QC and former Chief Executive of the Grattan Institute Professor John Daley.

We spoke about:

  • the need for reform of the laws regulating political donations and caps on election campaign spending

  • why national policy reform gridlock is a problem and how we can address it

  • the current status of the Government’s position on introducing a National Integrity Commission as well as the Labor Party’s recent announcements regarding their own proposals ad how these match up to Independent MP Helen Haines’ existing Integrity Commission Bill

  • the need for a new approach in Australian federal politics to deliver much-needed policy reform where the two-party system has failed to do so

  • the position of Wentworth MP Dave Sharma on the need for an Independent National Integrity Commission and other integrity measures such as political donations reform and addressing misleading political advertising

  • the need for greater transparency from government including through the Freedom of Information laws

  • the need for people and community to make it clear to its MPs that Integrity is an important issues

Here are some of the links from the discussion and chat:

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