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Town Hall: Voice to Parliament hosted by Wentworth for the Voice

The Referendum to vote on the Voice to Parliament will take place towards the end of this year and voting will be compulsory for all enrolled voters - it's time to get informed.......(and enrolled if you are not already). Learn more about referendums here.

Wentworth for the Voice - is a new network of local individuals, businesses, community groups and councils convened and supported by Wentworth’s Federal MP Allegra Spender, who is co-chair of the Parliamentary Friends of The Uluru Statement From The Heart. This group is volunteer based and will host a series of events in the lead-up to the Referendum.

Its first key event is coming up this Thursday - a Q & A with Wentworth's MP, Allegra Spender and experts providing an opportunity to listen and also to ask specific questions you may like answered. All are welcome!

Q & A on the Voice to Parliament

Allegra Spender - MP Independent Member for Wentworth

Ruby Langton-Batty - Pro-bono Lawyer Ashurst a proud descendant of the Bidjara and Iman peoples of Central Queensland.

Professor Tom Calma AO - Member Referendum Working Group and Aboriginal Elder from the Kungarakan (Koong ara kan) tribal group and a member of the Iwaidja (Ee wad ja) tribal group in the NT.

Dr Shireen Morris - Constitutional Expert Macquarie University and worked with Noel Pearson to help devise and advocate the concept of a constitutional Voice since 2014.

Thursday, 8 June - 6pm to 7.30pm

Paddington RSL - 220 Oxford Street

Tickets are free and you can register here.

About Wentworth for the Voice

"Our aim is to engage the people of Wentworth in a respectful dialogue on the Voice, and to take up the invitation in the Uluru Statement from the Heart to walk with First Nations people for a better future by passing the Voice referendum."

Learn how you can get involved with Wentworth for the Voice here

And just to be super clear, while we share the same words in our name, Voices of Wentworth is not part of Wentworth for the Voice.

Voices of Wentworth is continuing on its mission to promote democracy, integrity, respect, accountability, equality and transparency in the political process.

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