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Voices Groups Making News

"I want my Member of Parliament to represent my interests. If the government was actually representing people’s real needs and interests, you wouldn’t have this disruption". Cathy McGowan

Voices groups have arisen for different reasons. Some are focused on getting an independent elected. Some, like Voices of Wentworth, are non-partisan and are focused on representative democracy - voicing your views to those in power.

All Voices group are concerned about one thing: the disparity between what people want and what they are getting in terms of public policy. In Wentworth, that disparity has grown because the Liberal party has lurched to the right and our local member has always voted on party lines.

We call on our MP to listen to his electorate on core issues, like climate and an effective federal ICAC, and vote according to what his constituents want - to truly represent YOU in parliament.

"Liberal revolt as voters push for "independent" written by Anne Hyland for the Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday 8 August 2021. You can find the link here

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