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Voices of Wentworth chats with Grandmothers for Refugees NSW.

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Imagine what it might be like to flee from your country, your home, loved ones and culture, your whole identity - for fear of persecution, due to war or conflict, or from environmental disaster….

Would you have time to follow due process, to apply for a visa - or might you just be running for your life?

The Refugee Council of Australia reports that as at the end of 2018, 70.8 million people had been forced to leave their country. Of these, around 41.3 million were displaced within their own country, 25.9 million are refugees and 3.5 million people were seeking asylum.

In Australia, the Minister for Immigration decides how many people our country will take every year; in 2018-19 the number was set at 18,750 places. Based on number of refugees compared to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Australia ranks 90th in the world.

Join Voices of Wentworth, as we chat to Wendy Power, a Wentworth local and volunteer at Grandmothers for Refugees NSW.

Accompanying her husband to Jakarta in the 70’s Wendy answered a call for volunteers from the UNHCR. Her experience, witnessing the plight of refugees first hand has stayed with her, leading to Wendy work with Grandmothers For Refugees NSW - a group of committed elders who recognise the humanity of those seeking refuge from persecution, and passionately advocate on their behalf.

“We promote compassionate, globally responsible policies and attitudes towards those seeking asylum in Australia. We organise and attend regular vigils, explain the impacts of current policies, build non-partisan alliances and lobby decision-makers.”

“We will not rest until the most vulnerable among us are treated with dignity and respect.”


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Thank you for chatting with us Wendy! xo

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