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Voices of Wentworth Comment: "The Big Transition"

Mr. Taylor knows that no one in climate action leadership is asking for fossil fuelled power generation to be shut down before renewables infrastructure is built.

He knows that what is being demanded is an orderly transition to renewables. But ‘orderly transition’ doesn’t fire up the base like fear of power shortages does.

The fact that the UK hasn’t managed it’s transition as well as it could have does not provide an excuse to open more coal mines and build more fossil-fuelled power stations. The UK’s issues should instead provide a case study for careful planning.

Many studies have been written about how to phase out fossil-fuelled power generation in a way that enhances the economy, reduces the risk of blackouts and reduces power prices, with the South Australian big battery just one example.

We would invite Mr. Taylor to read:

- Beyond Zero Emissions Million Jobs Plan

- The Australian Institute "Getting off Coal" - Plus many more plans on the Climate Council's website:

Also reference

This comment is in response to Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor's observation in the Australian Financial Review article , 2-3 October 2021.

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