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Voices of Wentworth in the News - Crikey.

An excerpt from Crikey article by Margot Saville, 23 November 2020

"Fossil fuel influence targeted in fight to control climate agenda in next parliament."

'Having already lost once to an independent, Sharma is clearly feeling the heat. On Saturday, he tweeted out a Guardian article, saying that “these so-called independents only target Coalition seats. Is it because they are really ‘Voices of Labor'”?

The tweet backfired badly for Sharma. More than 400 people told him exactly what was wrong with LNP policies and reminded him that Wilkie had actually taken a Labor seat. Voices of Wentworth committee member Delia Burrage noticed an almost immediate upturn in traffic to the group’s website, with many more people registering their details.

“People are seeing that there’s a fundamental disconnect between what the electorate wants and what their representative is doing in parliament,” she said. “It’s not enough to look at what they do in the electorate — Tony Abbott was a volunteer at the local surf club. We think that it’s the MP’s voting record that they need to be judged on.”

And how will these electorates fare at the next federal election? As retired independent politician Tony Windsor is fond of saying, “the world is run by the people who turn up”.

All across the country, Australians who have never been part of a political party are turning up, and finding their voice.'

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