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Voices of Wentworth in the news

Recently, two of our volunteers, Alexia and Sophie were part of a Wentworth Courier article on “Changing Climate,” and got to talk a little about Voices of Wentworth...

“There’s a lot of people in the Wentworth electorate who are very unhappy with the fact that there’s not enough action being done on climate change. A survey we’ve been doing with members of the community show over 80 percent of people are concerned about climate change so when we read the ACF report, we weren’t surprised.” Sophie Pollitt

“There are so many voices out there, VoW pulls us all together to make us louder so that we can get our messages across. We can no longer say that climate change is a Left or Right issue. This is real and it’s a concern for the whole planet, so we can’t make this a political stance." Alexia Spalding

20 October 2021 - Wentworth Courier written by Renata Gortan

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