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Wentworth Candidate Watch

The next Federal election could be called at any time and must be held by May 2022. Voices of Wentworth will be keeping an eye on all candidates as they declare their candidacy and will be publishing profiles of each Wentworth candidate standing at the next election.

The results of our Wentworth community survey will be used to compile a Candidate Policy Questionnaire to be distributed to all candidates for their feedback. The survey results and candidate responses will be published in a report prior to the next election.

We will also inform you about the voting record of our MP Dave Sharma on those issues.

Finally, we will invite our current MP Dave Sharma and all other Wentworth candidates to participate in a public forum with voters prior to the next election.

Are you or someone you know considering running in Wentworth? One question we are regularly asked by our supporters is whether there will be an independent candidate standing in Wentworth at the next Federal election. At this point (September 2021), we anticipate that Dave Sharma will run again but we do not yet know the identities of any other candidates to be presented by the various political parties or of any individuals who may choose to stand as independents.

We are aware that a number of long-term Wentworth residents (Wentworth Independents) are organising to raise funds and select an independent candidate to run at the next Federal election. See: AFR: Turnbull’s old seat new target of campaign to unseat liberals, 9 August 2021.

We understand that they are currently seeking input from the community to help them to find a suitable candidate - so if you or someone you know would like to apply to be the candidate or to find out about this process, please visit their website.

Voices of Wentworth won’t be endorsing any candidates. We’re sharing this information so you know about this opportunity to be involved in the democratic process.

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