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Wentworth Candidate Watch: Daniel Lewkovitz

Daniel Lewkovitz is currently the “CEO and Chief Security Evangelist”for Calamity Monitoring, a security advisory firm.

Education + Experience

  • Sydney Boys High School

  • Master of Information Security at the University of Wollongong

  • Information Security consultant at various advisory firms.

House of Representatives or Senate?

Daniel is standing for election in the House of Representatives (lower house), for the seat of Wentworth in the 2022 federal election.

Party or Independent?

Daniel will run for the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP)

Position on Issues?

The LDP in Australia is very different to its namesake in the UK. The Australian version advocates "small government, low taxation, limited government spending and regulation" e.g. their 'freedom manifesto' says they would like to see:

  • low, flat taxes: individuals to pay 20% tax on income over $40k, and companies to pay 20% flat tax

  • removal of mandatory superannuation, to prevent woke capitalism

  • defund the ABC and SBS

  • “Decentralise” public schools and universities. Instead of the government funding schools, "at every level, any government funding should go to the student through an education ‘voucher’"

  • removal of net-zero emissions target & removal of renewable energy subsidies; lift the ban on nuclear energy; remove environmental requirements for business

  • removal of covid restrictions: no closed borders or travel restrictions; no mask or vaccine mandates; no isolation; no QR codes or contact tracing

  • removal of mandatory voting; allow citizens to veto legislation - if there are a certain number of names on a petition, the legislation should go to binding public vote; allow recall elections (a petition signed by a set percentage of an electorate can trigger an election)

For more information on Daniel:

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