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Wentworth Candidate Watch: Dr Natalie Dumer

Dr Natalie Dumer is a dental practitioner working in Paddington.

Education + Experience

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, University of Sydney

House of Representatives or Senate?

Dr Dumer is standing for election in the House of Representatives (lower house), for the seat of Wentworth in the 2022 federal election.

Party or Independent?

Dr Dumer will run for the United Australia Party. The UAP is financially supported by billionaire Clive Palmer.

Position on Issues?

  • Covid: end lockdowns, open the international and state borders, no domestic vaccine passports or mandates

  • Health: “Respect the Sanctity of Doctor-Patient Relationship” and the privacy of medical or health information. Make alternative treatments to COVID-19 available as a treatment option

  • Abolish National Cabinet (ie the unofficial forum created by the PM in 2020 for the Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers to meet)

  • Research the use of nuclear energy for electricity generation

  • Increase defence spending.

  • Stop Facebook, YouTube and Twitter from censoring Australian political debate.

  • 20% tax concession for people living more than 200kms from a capital city.

  • Process Australian minerals at home [unclear what government action this involves] For more information on Dr Dumer go to the UAP website or read the artcile published in the Sydney Morning Herald

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