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Climate Change Bills Update - How our MP Voted

On Wednesday, Zali Steggall, Independent MP for Warringah asked the House to ‘suspend standing orders’ to move that the Climate Change Bills be debated and that a vote be allowed. You can watch the speech here.

On short notice, several locals had gathered outside Dave Sharma’s office and at Bondi Icebergs on Tuesday to show their support for the Bills and ask him to #PassTheBillNotTheBuck.

However, our MP, Dave Sharma, voted against the Bills being debated in parliament. He voted along party lines, together with PM Morrison and Deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce.

If enacted, the proposed Climate Change Bills would mandate: ✅ A National Climate Change Risk Assessment ✅ A National Adaptation Plan ✅ A Net-zero target by 2050 and interim target of 60% reduction of emissions by 2030 ✅ An independent Climate Change Commission

We are waiting for a reply from Mr. Sharma to our letter sent on 12 October asking him to support the Climate Change Bills.

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