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How to Participate in Our Democracy: We've got you covered!

The need for increased participation in our democracy is a key message in the Big Deal documentary. “Democracy belongs to us.”

To get effective representation, we need to make our voices heard and now is the time.

So, how can we get more involved in our democracy?

Well hello, “Six Ways to Get Your Participation On.”

We enthusiastically invite you, your fellow Wentworth friends and family to make your voices count. Let’s do this!

Our virtual get together where you can voice your concerns about issues you care about and how you feel you're being represented. During the one hour Zoom session, our team will ask questions to the group and take anonymised notes to be incorporated into our report that we will publish and present to the candidates before the next election.

Next event: Wednesday, 6 October at 7pm Register here We also offer a downloadable Kit, if you'd like to host your own Voices from the Couch session - just get in touch with us.

Our Community Survey is anonymous and asks you to nominate what you care about on a Local and Federal level. We will use the survey results to create a Questionnaire to ask all Wentworth candidates how they will deal with the issues we care about. The more people who complete this survey, the more we know and the louder we can be!

We love the issues that we care about being shared! We need as many people in Wentworth to know about us and what we are doing. Hello people power! Find, follow and like us here:

We've hosted ten Town Hall events in the last year, featuring subject matter experts on the issues that concern us all - Climate, Covid Management, Media Diversity, Environment and Integrity. Our next Town Hall will be on Women's Safety, coming up at the end of October.

Our website and YouTube Channel are packed with the good stuff - so dive in. And then.......start talking to your family, neighbours and friends! Being informed and waxing lyrical is FUN!

Wear your voice! These 100% organic cotton beauties have been screen-printed in Sydney. With summer coming, it’s time to get your forearms out and your message clear.

Our small and passionate team want to accomplish a lot. Sometimes our eyes are too big for our stomachs. So we're looking for people who are happy to give time on any scale – if you feel like getting involved, please contact us and we can chat!

Also, we want you to know that Kath, Delia, Eliana, Jenny, Alexia and Sophie (aka, our small and passionate team) are here if you want to learn more about what we are doing. We're just an email away and we welcome any feedback and suggestions


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