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Voices of Wentworth: Community Interview : Mylene Turban

As Wentworth residents, we’re so lucky to have extraordinary pristine beaches and parks to enjoy! But behind the scenes there’s a volunteer group that has picked up over 500,000 pieces of litter in just over two years… Voices of Wentworth chats to Mylene Turban about her volunteer work for Responsible Runners Bondi and Climate Fresk

Mylene moved to Australia from France just two years ago, she is a Process Engineer within the sustainability, water and renewable energy sectors and a consultant on the circular economy, climate change and carbon emission reductions.

Passionate and positive about the impacts our daily actions can have she says, “many people start their environmental journey with waste reduction, they start to understand there is an issue…where is my waste going, and what are the consequences of the waste I generate?”

Mylene’s top tips on what we as Wentworth residents can do to protect our environment and mitigate climate change?

  • Educate ourselves on the key issues

  • Reduce single use plastic

  • Join a local community garden Mylene also suggests to:

  • Use our vote to elect representatives who have positive policies on climate solutions

  • Divest our money from banks and super-funds that invest in fossil fuels

  • Walk and use public transport for our daily commute


Thank you Mylene for chatting with us! xoxoxo

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