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Voices of Wentworth In the News - Crikey

An excerpt from Crikey article by Margot Saville on 30 March '21.

"If Morrison is hearing voices, it’s not his imagination — it’s a grassroots revolution."

'Recent allegations of sexual assault and misconduct in Canberra may not be enough for conservative electors to switch their vote from the Liberals to Labor. However, increasing levels of interest in grassroots community organisations like Voices of Wentworth indicate that they could vote for an independent.

Despair with “business as usual” politics has led to the creation of non-partisan community groups around the country, aimed at promoting accountability and transparency in the political process. Most use the name "Voices of" (or "Voices for") and are now active in Wentworth, Mackellar, North Sydney, Riverina, Cowper, Boothby and Groom.'

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