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Wentworth Candidate Watch - Policies.

We encourage voters to learn about the candidates running in the election and their policies before you go into the voting booth.

House of Representatives: There are seven candidates running in the lower house (House of Representatives)for the seat of Wentworth. Voices of Wentworth has profiled six of these candidates. The profiles and policy summaries were reviewed by the candidate’s team and can be found in the links below:

In the order they will appear on the green ballot paper:

A further candidate was added to the ballot recently (Dean Fisher, One Nation). We have tried to contact Mr Fisher to find out his policies and will prepare a Candidate Watch profile if we hear back.

The date for nomination of candidates has now passed, so there won’t be any further candidates added to the list above.

Senate: Voters in Wentworth will be voting for six Senate seats this election (half of the seats that are allocated to NSW in the Senate). The six seats are currently all held by ALP and Liberal members (three each).

There is a long list of candidates vying for these 6 seats. A full list of candidates with links to their websites is here.

We have previously profiled Greens Senate candidate David Shoebridge, because he lives in the Wentworth electorate, you can read about David here.

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